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lightbox flash

Update 21. II . 2010 Buttons that are under the lightbox is already inactive If there is only one picture is not visible arrow next and arrow prev Features: * Lightbox can load other flash files but only if the other flash files are align = “TL” .. * you can add unlimited images and …

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Flash Site Template XML v6

Update 13.III.2010 corrected bug in the footer Site Template XML v6: by flashmaniac You are not having to open a file fla if only to edit this side. You are not having to have installed flash if only to edit this side. Features: You can choose template starting you can change all colours in xml …

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flash carousel v1

Update 22.VII.2010: * Fixed reflection on transparent png files. Update 3.IX.2009: * I added the file “load_carousel_as3.fla” in as 3.0. For this file, you can load the carousel * Remove a small error in png transparent reflection. carousel gallery v1 ( horizontal ) Features: * you can add unlimited images in xml vile * image …

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flash calendar v2

Update 2009.08.11 * Adding buttonu to closing description ( enabled and disabled in xml file) * You can add the background to the description and place his colour and margin in the xml file * You can place description above the calendar. Upgrade 2008.09.17 (thanks for user mcantoni) * Auto display the event for the …

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Flash Site Template XML v5

Update 18.IX.2009: when writing data to form the full screen will return to normal screen adding variables “SPACE_COLUMNS_SUBITEM_UP” and “SPACE_COLUMNS_SUBITEM_DOWN” in the configuration menu tree it is possible that the bar was the only browser company name adding blocks – full screen and normal screen before the site improving bug logo on startup you can …

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Horizontall Scroller v1

Update 2 . II . 2010 Now you can load the “Horizontal Scrool v1″ to your project giving the url to the xml file (you can load multiple “Horizontal Scroll v1″ to your project) Update 23.VII.2009: * moving images through moving the mouse ( enabled and disabled in xml file – < eventMouseMove > true …

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Flash Site Template XML v4

Update 5.VI.2009: * I added new swfObject v 2.1 * I changed the html code (now is acting correctly under IE * by the small area of the window from 900 x 620 px appears scroll in the browser (it is possible scroll easily disabled in the index.html file removing the one line of the …

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Flash Site Template XML v3

Update 29.IV.2009: * remove error in gallery (sound of the film in the background) * add smoothing to image in gallery Please download again. Site Template XML v3 (carbon flash) : by flashmaniac You are not having .. to be a programmer in order to edit this side. Possibilities: you can add menu item and …

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gallery flash v9

Gallery v9 (image and move – h.264 ): * you can add unlimited image and move(h.264) in xml file * you can add and remove background for gallery in xml file * you change size thumbs,big image and move in xml file * you can change columns and row length in xml file * you …

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gallery flash v8

Easy gallery FLASH V8: * you can add swf, jpg, png ….etc files * you can change time slide in xml file * you can add description image ( css Style ) * photographs are becoming smaller automatically to the size of the window * you can change easy WIDTH and HEIGHT gallery in xml …

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