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flash calendar v2


Update 2009.08.11
* Adding buttonu to closing description ( enabled and disabled in xml file)
* You can add the background to the description and place his colour and margin in the xml file
* You can place description above the calendar.

Upgrade 2008.09.17 (thanks for user mcantoni)
* Auto display the event for the current date (value true or false)
* add file help.pdf
* new calendar is compatible around Site Template XML v1

Upgrade 2008.06.21 (thanks for user weighter)
* Repeating sie events in the year (np birthday)
(example xml node : < item year='' month='7' day='4' > )
* Events of every month
(example xml node:< year='' month='' day='15' > )
* Events of every month (only 2008 year)
(example xml node:< year='2008' month='' day='15' > )
* ETC.

Calendar V1:
* You can change all colors in configuration.xml
* You can change first dayweek in xml file
* You can change calendar position x and y in xml file
* You can change textArea position x and y in xml file
* You can change size textArea in xml file
* Css style in textArea
* You can change spaceX and SpaceY Numeral calendar
* You can change name dayWeek and name Month in xml file

Included files:
* Documentation (.pdf)
* Flash 8 file
* SWF file
* XML file
* Images used
* lacooTween
* AS file (classes action script)

* Error at opening fla
help.pdf – title Tween module

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