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flash menu tree v1.1


Update 1.I.2009:
* I added the FIRST_POSITION_ID variable in the
configuration_menu.xml file

Update 1.XI.2008:
* all menu elements are always enabled.

Update 14.IX.2008:
* add function setSelected()
* add function setSelectedId()

Update 22.VII.2008:
* add reset() function

Menu v1.1:
* the menu has three levels
* all label menu load from xml file (dynamic menu)
* you can easily change colours in the code action script (classes ItemView.as,SubItemView.as ,etc)
* you can easily change font size and font face in fla library
* scroll vertical
* event onMouseWhell

From the xml file however the menu is downloading data it is necessary to adapt them for own needs in the file fla. Required basic Action Script knowledge.

keywords:tree,menu tree,menu vertical tree

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