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Flash Site Template XML v4


Update 5.VI.2009:
* I added new swfObject v 2.1
* I changed the html code (now is acting correctly under IE 8)
* by the small area of the window from 900 x 620 px appears scroll in the browser (it is possible scroll easily disabled in the index.html file removing the one line of the code:

Update 28.V.2009:
* I added the company name on the belt in the browser
* It in the address of the side is already attributes ‘label’ (there is already no attributes ‘id’ )

Update 15.V.2009:
* I corrected template text
* I corrected preloader in template book
* I added the php file to the form (I forgot to enclose)

Site Template XML v4


  • deep linking – possibility of redirecting to the any subpage (swfAdress.js)
  • you can add menu item and menu subitem in xml file
  • you can add logo and logo redirect
  • you can change align logo ( TL(top-left) and TR(top-right) )
  • you can add redirect for menu position
  • full screen on/off
  • resizable site (width and height change in xml file)
  • you can place background for every menu element individually (you can place background default) in xml file
  • you can add unlimited template
  • you can add unlimited mp3 in xml file
  • you can add new template
  • you can load swf file
  • you can add purchased templates on flashden

You are not having .. to be a programmer in order to edit this side.

Template (atachmend project)


  • resizable
  • every menu element can have other background (change in xml file)
  • you can add also pattern
  • you can give only very colour (example 0×000000)
  • you can enabled/disabled gradient background
  • you can change color gradient background
  • you can smoothing enabled/disabled


  • you can change all colors in xml file !
  • you can change align menu ( TL (top-left) and TR (top-right) )
  • you can change height rectangle menu item in xml file !

template text:

  • css style
  • resizable

template gallery:

  • resizable
  • easy add image
  • smoothing change in xml file ( true/false )
  • easy add move(flv file and h.264 file)
  • unlimited image and move
  • you can change time slide
  • you can ROTATE_THUMB enabled/disabled
  • you can change COLUMNS_LENGTH and COLUMNS_ROW
  • you can change TITLE_COLOR_THUMB
  • you can change SPACE_X_THUMB and SPACE_Y_THUMB
  • you can change COLOR_ROL and COLOR_OUT thumb
  • you can change time fadeIn and fadeOut bigImage
  • you can change thumb width and thumb height
  • css style

template book:

  • resizable
  • easy add pages (xml file)
  • easy change page size (xml file))

template form:

  • not resizable
  • easy add input add text area (xml file)
  • php file atachmned
  • css style for description

template news:

  • not resizable
  • easy add unlimited news (xml file)
  • css style

template slider:

  • resizable
  • you can change time slide in xml file
  • you can change time fadeIn and fadeOut
  • css style for description


  • .fla and .swf file
  • .css file
  • .xml file
  • image and move used
  • .pdf help file
  • tween (library / lacotween.zip )
  • .php file for the form
  • action script file (.as)
  • .js and .html file


How to add the new item news, gallery etc.. ? ?

- copy the file “newsy.xml”
- name him for example “newsy2.xml
- add new menu elements in the menuPrimary.xml file:
< item id="100" label="newsy 2" template="newsy" xml="xml/newsy2.xml” />

- copy the file “gallery.xml”
- name him for example “gallery2.xml
- add new menu elements in the menuPrimary.xml file:
< item id="100" label="gallery 2" template="gallery" xml="xml/gallery2.xml” />

Other new template they are adding by analogy.

How can I embed special characters in the main menu ?

* open file ‘menu.fla’
* in library ( CTRL+L ) click ‘_rowItem’ or ‘_rowSubItem’
* select textField and click button ‘Embed’ in panel ‘Properties’
* add special characters in field ‘Include these characters

How to remove scroll in the browser ?

* You must remove the one line in the file ‘index.html’ or to write new values down

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