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flash zoom v1


Update 8.VII.2009:
* any size image and position at the beginning
( you can read initial values out from the INFO panel )
* It is possible enabled and disabled INFO panel in the xml file

Please download again.

Update 11.12.2008:
* add control Pane

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Zoom v1:
by flashmaniac

* You can change size big and small image
* You can change position big and small image
* mouse wheel – zoom
* You can enabled/disabled smoothing
* You can change all color in xml file
* You can change maximum zoom
* You can change speed zoom
* You can enabled/disabled scroll scale
* You can enabled/disabled image small
* You can enabled/disabled control Pane
* You can change position x and y control pane

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- The photograph is being loaded from the outside of flash from the xml file?

This way taking is being loaded from the outside from the xml file.
You must not have even a program of flash installed.

- How to load it for my project?

In your file.fla in frame paste action script code:
////create container
var container:MovieClip=this.createEmptyMovieClip(“mcContainer”,1)
////load zoom
container.loadMovie( “zoom.swf” )
//////position X container
//////position Y container

- What maximum dimensions can a photograph have? t?

Maximum dimension of the photograph which it is serving flashes 8 – 2880×2880 px. More it is possible to read on adobe.com :

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