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gallery flash v2


Update 20.IV.2009:
* You can load galleries for your project
* You can change positions X and Y of big photos in fla file

Full Screen Dynamic XML Gallery FLASH V2:

* You can add unlimited number of categories and images
* You can add description text to the images
* You can change time of the slide
* You can change title menu
* size of thumb 80×60 px
* You can Full Screen on/off (right key mouse)

Included files:

* Flash 8 file
* SWF file
* XML file
* Images used
* lacoTween
* AS file (classes action script)

Configuration file: xml/configuration.xml


* How to load galleries for my project ?

In “your_file.fla” :
var container:MovieClip=this.createEmptyMovieClip(“mcContainer”,1)

container.loadMovie( “gallery.swf” )

It must be in this file too components Tree in Library.

* I have error …..

You must install lacoo Tween: (needed for opening a file fla)
* You must first unzip the file.
* Next you must install the MovieClipTween120.mxp for the Extension manager. This file comes from the
* Restart Flash.
* Now you can open the gallery.fla and Export the movie out to gallery.swf (or whatever) and it will work.

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