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Horizontall Scroller v1


Update 2 . II . 2010

  • Now you can load the “Horizontal Scrool v1″ to your project giving the url to the xml file (you can load multiple “Horizontal Scroll v1″ to your project)

Update 23.VII.2009:

* moving images through moving the mouse ( enabled and disabled in xml file – < eventMouseMove > true < / eventMouseMove > )
* you can hide and show scroll ( change in xml file )

Update 11.VII.2009:

* I added the autoWidth attribute in xml file (automatic adaptation to the Stage size)


* all colors change in xml
* you are only change height image in xml file ( width he can be any )
* you can change width scroller in xml file
* you can add frame for image
* you can easily load for your project. ( atachmend example * your_project.fla)
* you are change the background color in the html file
* you can add redirect for the image (_blank, _self …etc )
* uou can trigger javascript functions

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