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gallery flash v9

Gallery v9 (image and move – h.264 ): * you can add unlimited image and move(h.264) in xml file * you can add and remove background for gallery in xml file * you change size thumbs,big image and move in xml file * you can change columns and row length in xml file * you …

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gallery flash v8

Easy gallery FLASH V8: * you can add swf, jpg, png ….etc files * you can change time slide in xml file * you can add description image ( css Style ) * photographs are becoming smaller automatically to the size of the window * you can change easy WIDTH and HEIGHT gallery in xml …

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gallery flash v3

Update: 5.II.2009 * start automatically slide – you can change in xml file Update: 19.12.2008 * You can change size gallery in xml file < STAGE_WIDTH >100%< / STAGE_WIDTH > < STAGE_HEIGHT >100%< / STAGE_HEIGHT > * You can load galleries for one’s project (example your_project.fla) Full Screen Dynamic XML Gallery FLASH V3: * You …

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